Gotta be the shoes

Nothing major, just kind of excited that I bought some shoes specifically to train with. I went for some Feiyue martial arts shoes that seem to be an alright starter shoe. At $15 + 7 shipping you can’t really find anything near as well priced cheaper. They should arrive within the week and I can NOT wait to give them a spin.

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In my research I came upon a local facebook group called Long Island Parkour. I was excited to find out that they are planning a two day event about two weeks from now. Watching videos of the pro’s online is one thing; seeing some local, probably more amateur talent is something that has me really excited. It will be great to be able to ask them questions and just watch how they move.

One thing I always notice about PK is that many traceurs seem to be a bit younger than I. Fortunately I get along very well with younger people so I think it will be a blast. Time and time again I see people discussing how to get into PK and the established users always say one of the most important things is to find other people who are involved and soak up what you can from them.

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Alright so I’ve gone over my motivations for entry into the world of PK, everything else will focus on the journey. So how did I get started? A good place to start is with general fitness level. You do not need to be a polished athlete to get started. Basic compound body movements are some of the easiest yet most effective ways to train.

I believe the top three most important exercises are by far the squat, the pull-up, and the push-up. I know of people who actually have fantastic physiques utilizing just these three exercises.

Beyond that the other key elements (aside from actual techniques, which I will cover later on) are balance, grip, and spatial awareness. Grip training is the most basic because there are many exercises which utilize and focus on grip. Grip also develops naturally over time as it is used in a lot of exercises and in actual PK work. Balance and spatial awareness are two I have yet to truly tackle.

For the next couple of weeks I am working on getting my repetitions on pushups and squats to sets of around 50, and half that amount for pull-ups. It is also important to note that rest is necessary, I usually go with a 2 days on 1 day off regimen. Stretching is also required, and while I dread it it is especially necessary in something like parkour.

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It would be very easy to get overzealous about this whole thing. It would also then be very easy to get injured, or worse. I am a procedural, logical thinker. As I began to really delve into the world of parkour around two weeks ago, I realized that there was much preparation to do.

For starters, many traceurs begin in their mid teen years. I am nearly double that age and while I can be fearless, this does not mean I am stupid. I have begun a training regimen – mostly at home but with some gym work. I am studying. Studying like I was back in college except this time with passion as opposed to doing enough to pass a class.

Fortunately while parkour is relatively obscure, there is plenty of information to be found. I spent a few days exploring as well as I would encourage anyone else to read through these or other local sites. I found a local facebook group as well, and just happened to get lucky that they are having an event right near me on the 23rd.

This initial phase is exciting but also frustrating. I really want to get out there and give this a try, but I have decided it is much better to practice a well known PK adage, learn to fall before you learn to fly. I have been rolling in my apartment and plan on getting out this weekend to play around some more, but I can definitely see the reasoning on drilling the PK roll especially. Muscle memory is imperative when it comes to fast reactions.

I have no clue at what point I could even hope to call myself a traceur, or if I ever will ever reach that point. What I do know is that I am motivated and very willing to learn. I have found that those two traits almost always yield success, especially with something like PK in which you are your own and only competitor.

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The purpose of this blog is as simple and as complex as it’s focus – Parkour. The art of movement. I will leave the explanation of the discipline to google, as a quick search will produce far more expert descriptions than my own.

I discovered parkour (PK) several years ago via a very famous video of a couple of russians utterly owning their environment. I was very taken in by it, but being married with a son left little time for exploring. Well, that chapter of my life has ended and I began to take time to rediscover myself.

I happened to see another video of some traceurs (practitioners of PK) and for some reason this time I felt very different. I knew this was something I wanted to do. Not something I would play around with and soon forget. I was excited. I am excited.

As a teenager I was very out of shape. Around twenty, I took control and began a workout regimen. Ever since then exercise and fitness has become a way of life. I am always looking for new ways to keep in shape. Weight lifting has become mundane; parkour is the complete opposite. It is a journey. It is a continuing path of self improvement that encompasses more than just the physicality of the movement.

This is enough for one post, I think.

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